Beautiful Petals was born out of a desire to become the change everyone is always talking about. There are so many different perceptions and impressions about womanhood. A lot of them are born out of fear of the unknown.

At Beautiful Petals, our objective is to demystify the myths and debunk the falsehoods.

We give women – of all ages, colors, shapes and sizes – the chance to re-write the history that has been written by others and tell their own stories to generations to come.

Our Agenda is five-fold:

  1. Be the difference
  2. Celebrate Vision
  3. Empower Generations
  4. Inspire Dreams
  5. Redefine Perceptions

We do this be reaching out, educating women, empowering the disempowered and giving a voice to those who are not strong enough to speak out for themselves.

We currently have various channels we use to reach out:

  • Pads4Petals: We provide sanitary towels for girls and women living in refugee camps
  • Malkia: We provide a mentorship channel for girls and women
  • Blog: We tell our own stories in our own words and provide inspiration for others to embrace their own stories
  • Motivational Talks: We bring our experiences to life and touch people in their own situations so that they can have the courage to face tomorrow.

So join us on this journey. As we use our gifts to reach into the recess of tomorrow and help you grasp your dreams. Do not be afraid to dream. As they say, if you reach for the sky and fail, you’re bound to at least catch a star!

Eternally open,

Eternally in His service,

Eternally at your service

Eternally Dreamers