Malkia Mentorship Program – Each One Teach One

Over and above our words and our actions, we realize the need to have strong, positive female role models.
Beautiful Petals has begun building a strong mentorship network. The Malkia Mentorship Network’s main objective is to create a structure that will allow women to mentor women, the older ones teaching the younger ones, and all of us learning from one another’s mistakes so as
a) Not to make the same mistakes AND
b) Find solutions faster.

Malkia is Swahili for Queen. We believe that every woman is a Queen and with the right guidance, advise, support system and infrastructure, every woman can find the queen inside and bring her out to the world.

• Mentor:
o A wise and trusted counselor or teacher.
o An influential senior sponsor or supporter.

• Mentorship:
o Adviser,
o Master,
o Guide,
o Preceptor.

As Mother Teresa so wisely put it: Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.


The various areas which will be addressed by our program are will be informed by the Need:
These needs are, but not limited to:
1. Spirituality
2. Career
3. Family
4. Relationships
5. Self Confidence / Self Worth / Self Image
6. Personal Branding / Etiquette
7. Entrepreneurship & Business
8. Health and Wellness
9. House Management / Finances / Cooking

How can you plug in?
MENTEES: Fill the form below and sign up for this amazing One Year journey! And when you’re done, sign up and become a mentor. #EachOneTeachOne

MENTORS: Sign up and help us build this dream. The curriculum is being developed as we speak and we intend to roll out in the next 60 days. #EachOneTeachOne

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