About Lynnette

Lynnette Owuor serves as our Director for Strategic Planning, she is a great motivator and a self-starter. Lynnette has an innate ability to adapt to diverse situations and cultures.

Lynnette is a respected consultant with vast experience in strategy, customer service and operations within the Logistics and Maritime industry.

Throughout her career, Lynnette has developed commendable analytic skills with a keen eye for root-cause scrutiny and a “quicksilver” approach to decision making.

Lynnette has an excellent sense of understanding and ability to interpret people’s needs and thereby able to provide innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to modern day challenges.

Lynnette is passionate about

  • ·         Travel & Culture
  • ·         Fashion & Design
  • ·         Culinary Arts
  • ·         Music
  • ·         God

Lynnette is Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

She is @BeautifulPetal_