#31daysofwoohoo _ Day 14 : Dream

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As human beings we are programmed to think a certain way and accept certain things as possible and others as impossible. Today I want to break that mold. Heres a thought for you: “The mind of God will always bring conflict to human sense – He is a God of impossibilities and the God who performs the extraordinary”.

With that in mind, I will continue to say the following: We need to stop using human logic to discern spiritual things. The dream you were given – the assignment, the big thing you must accomplish, the goliath you must kill, may appear to be physical but in reality is very spiritual. The strategies for accomplishing that assignment can therefore not be physical but spiritual. Hence follows the most crucial piece of advise I will ever give you : Don’t go on the strength of the words of men, forgetting that the Word of God is your only strength. Anything that was spiritually conceived cannot be physically birthed. The reason why things have stopped working out or moving forward is simply because you stopped seeking the giver of the dream and began to chase the accolades and approval of men.

Let me make one thing very clear : As long as you’re looking for a blueprint of a heaven given assignment in an earthly library and as long as you’re doing your checks and measures with men when the dream was incubated by God, then to put it simply : YOU WILL FAIL!

And here’s another thing: the reason why dreamers succeed and thinkers fail is simple: dreamers look for a solution to a problem while thinkers look for a logical explanation to a situation. Stop being a thinker – step away from logic, delve into the dreamers realm and find a generational solution.

Your imagination is the most powerful thing you have – with it you can conceive whatsoever you want and it shall come to pass. So Dream. Dream some more. And Dream BIG!

On this 14th day of our $31daysofwoohoo challenge, pick up you journal and list all the great wonderful logical explanations that are weighing you down – then TRASH THEM and start afresh with a clean slate.

I am Beverly Chahonyo

I am a dreamer

And I love you!



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