#31daysofwoohoo _ Day 12 : Be Happy

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post-12-updatedDAY 12 _ Be happy. Life is too short not to be! Don’t let today slip away on the wings of a tomorrow that will soon be a yesterday – Beverly Chahonyo #liveinthemoment

Life is all about Balance.

Sometimes things will be great and you’ll laugh and celebrate.

Sometimes things will be bad and you’ll cry and mourn.

Sometimes people will be nice and reliable and there fore you.

Sometimes people will have no time for you and walk away form you and hurt you.

I’m learning to balance things out.

Smile in the sad times and be gracious enough to share both failures and victories. It only makes you human.

Laugh with a friend until you cry and your stomach hurts. Laugh until the tears roll down your cheeks – it’s healthy!

Once you’re over them, be the first to laugh at your failures – that way nothing the world can do can hurt you.

And finally, grow a thick skin. Not everything you do needs to “hurt like hell” and not everything you go through was meant to break you. Sometimes it’s just a thing and then you get over it and move on! So laugh on my dearest petals, then move on.

Today I challenge you, pick up your notebook . journal and write out five things that truly make you Laugh Out Loud – Just five. I guarantee that as you watch them unfold on paper you will literally Laugh Our Loud!

I am Beverly Chahonyo

You are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary and I love you!




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