#31daysofwoohoo _ Day 9 : Tomorrow Conversations

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post-9As human beings, we tend to be somewhat tunnel-visioned and hence life tends to blindside us a lot.

We focus so much on one thing or the other : If our eyes are on the mundane everyday tasks and challenges, we will forget the bigger picture and keep ruminating in the challenges of the assignments to purpose. Conversely, there are this of us who focus so much on the bigger picture that we forget that the journey is a process and processes have steps and these steps are what make the journey a strong and meaningful one.

So this is what I have learned in these past few months.

** Tomorrow conversations have an end game and an objective. – Nobody great woke up one day from sleeping and snoozing and found themselves great. They had an end game in mind and they worked towards it.

** Tomorrow conversations most times don’t seem clear and concise – When dreaming (and dreaming big), you might sound like a drunk slurring and not making sense. That’s because not everyone has a tomorrow mind hence not everyone will understand tomorrow lingo.

** Tomorrow conversations are not for everyone. A lot of people are shuffling through today. A majority of the rest are lost in their yesterday. Tomorrow conversations need to be had with people who are living for tomorrow.

** Tomorrow conversations need to be had only with tomorrow people, but not with all tomorrow people. Everyone is on their own journey so please don’t feel the need to spill the beans to everyone along the way. your tomorrow people will be sufficient (and sometimes it may just be that one).

** Tomorrow conversations must be perfectly blended with today laughter. Remember to have fun along the way and appreciate your special people because what good is a tomorrow destination if you only arrive there alone?

So today on Day 9 of our #31daysofwoohoo challenge, pick up your journal (because that’s what it’s become), and write down one tomorrow conversation that you need to have, two tomorrow people you need to have it with and three tomorrow points you need to resolve.

I am Beverly Chahonyo and I love you as I wish you a tomorrow kind of day!



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