#31DaysofWooHoo : Day 1 – Change Your Mind

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It’s that time of the year again – my Birth Month is here and we’re going to celebrate as always by learning more and pulling more out of ourselves and being more than we have been in the years past.

Over the years I have learned something profound about Purpose: Purpose involves building something great and building can never be done alone. In order for people to build with you, they must be convinced and in order for them to be convinced they have to come along on the journey with you.

So to everyone out there who is building something, your first task will be to change the minds of those around you so that together you can build and together you can grow.

Decide today to change your very own mind and refuse to be mediocre. Refuse to accept injustice. Refuse to be quiet. Begin to speak out. Begin to find a solution. Begin to Begin a great thing. You are destined for greatness but only in beginning can you achieve.

Once your mind is changed it’s easier to carry people along on your journey to discovering purpose.

The journey of a thousand minds begins with one change!

Change your mind today and tomorrow, together, you can change the world.





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