#31daysofwoohoo – Day 1 : Work In Progress

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It’s my birthday month!!!!!

And in true Bev fashion, I’m working on my #31daysofwoohoo list.

I didn’t really feel like doing one this year. It’s been a tough year and sometimes it’s hard to remember what and when to celebrate. But a couple of days ago, my daily devotional message reminded me to remain consistent. And so even though this is the 3rd day of the month, join me as I celebrate the next 31 days!

The past 12 month have stretched me.  Like I never believed I could be stretched before.


  • I’ve grown through the sunshine and I’ve grown in the rain.
  • I’ve lost some friends and shed some baggage.
  • I’ve lost things that I thought I could never live without.

But through it all I have learned to look in the mirror and truly appreciate who I am and embrace who I am becoming.

  1. I am a work in progress.
  2. I don’t pretend to know everything.
  3. I don’t contend to be all things to all men.
  4. I don’t presume to understand all seasons.

But I am simply, beautifuly, just me.

I dance in the rain even with the tears streaming down my face.

I laugh in the sun until the tears stream down my chubby cheeks.

I face the world head on.

Sometimes I retreat to regroup, but every single day I wake up and start again,

I inspire. I motivate. I wear my vulnerability on my sleeve. I love life. I love travel. I love good food in the company of good friends. I love fashion and makeup. I love the woman I am and look forward to the meeting the woman I am becoming,

I am a work in progress. Stronger. Wiser. And happier.

I am Beautiful, Empowered and Visionary.



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