#31daysofwoohoo – Day 2 – Broken Treasures

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So I learned about the art of Kintsukuroi a while back and it has intrigued me ever since. You see the world over, there are broken vessels walking this earth, crossing our paths, thinking that there is nothing left for them. We walk around with our baggage and our tears and get weighed down like Humpty Dumpty because nobody seems to be able to put us back together again and even when the effort is made, our scars make us ugly. Well I for one have come to refute that “truth” as a falsehood. I believe I’ve mentioned here before the fact that I have had numerous surgeries and therefore my physical body bears scars. Scars that were once ugly and unsightly have now become a big part of who I pride myself to be. The have helped mould me into the woman of strength and valor I am today. The woman who can be broken, but is all the more beautiful because she will not remain bowed. Scars that tell my story and scars that define my destiny. Everybody out there has their scars. For some of us, they’re just more visible than others. And the beauty of having a visible scar is that it makes it easier to talk about – eventually making it easier to heal.

Today I tell my stories and I can smile – sometimes with a tear glint twinkling in the corner of my eye, and sometimes with all my teeth exposed as I cackle at my past. I am that broken bowl – put back together with the most precious of properties. My tenacity, my ability to get up, my resilience – my ability to laugh again. All the memories meld together with all the scars to form a beautiful outcome. They allow me to accept myself and in that way set me free to set you free through my stories. So today – on Day 2 of our WOHOO series, I celebrate my scars. They are a part of me. And no matter how hard the breaking was, the coming together is so beautiful that I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Because I know that my Father, my Creator, my Maker and the holder of my destiny – He knows the plans he has for me … and my future is secure in Him.

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