#31daysofwoohoo – Day 2: Safety First

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So over the past few days I’ve spent time with a couple of really amazing women. It wasn’t so much intended as it was needed. The opportunity presented itself and I spent time with each one. I have come to learn over the years how important it is to find and to have a “safe place”. A place where you can go, no questions asked, no judgement give, and just let go, and be. A place where even when rebuke does come, it is from such a place of love that you do not doubt it because of the foundation of “Safety first”. A place where you can laugh and cry all in the same breath and now feel like you look loony or unstable in any way. A place where you can discuss everything deep or nothing at all in the same minute and you don’t need an agenda nor are you held back by titles, airs, designations, statuses, stations, or anything else.

I found my safe place in some amazing friendships over the years, and I am a safe place to other equally amazing friendships. Today I want to celebrate that safe place for myself and in myself. I’m glad I know where to run. I’m blessed to know how to be one. I pray I will never run out of them. I hope you too will find your own. In the battle between the hunter and the hunted, it is the one that can run fastest or hide the best that always comes out on top. Whether to run, or hide is up to you but if you chose to hide, make sure it’s a safe place.

So today, I celebrate the safe place in you. 2 down, 31 to go … WOOHOO!

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