#31dyasofwoohoo _ Day5 : Fly

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Learning to fly is hard.

It’s scary – it’s something youv’e never done before so you fret and flitter about everything there’s a huge chance you will fail and fall flat on your face.

  • It’s lonely – even if you’re in a group, everyone must take that leap alone and sink or swim – rather soar or splat alone.
  • You leave the safety of your comfort zone and step out into the unknown.
  • You leave the security of solid ground and jump into thin air (think the law of gravity).
  • You leave your cheerleaders behind – some can’t fly, some couldn’t be bothered, some never believed.

But even with all that, you press harder.

I’m in a relationship with an amazing man. I call him my heart because he has truly unlocked so many layers of me that I never knew existed. I showed up battered and bruised, with major trust issues and the key to the commitment issues planet. We’ve had our ups and downs but i have learned to trust and I have allowed him to love me into a happy place, a loved place.

Likewise, I left my job (was forced to) and didn’t think I would last one single month. And here I am pushing more content on my blog, and soundcloud and youtube channels than I ever did before. I’m working on a secret project that’s 13years in the making and have been connected to amazing people. I’m thriving in what I do every single day because I no longer have the option to fail. My Beautiful Petals project is finally getting off its feet at the end of this second year and I am loving how my world is blossoming season in, season out.

See, that’s what it is about flying. You know that the chances you have at failing are both significant and detrimental. So when you don’t have a safety net or harness and you don’t have an option of going back, you begin to flap because flapping is all you know how to do,

I took a risk talking about the past few months and the risk has paid off because it has caused so many to open up and it has touched and changed so many lives.

But I first had to believe in myself.

So as you prepare to take that leap of faith, remember:

  • Everything about you is unique so everything about this journey will be unique
  • It’s ok to be scared. You’re human. Just don’t let that fear control you. Jump with and in spite of it
  • Don’t worry about what they will say. You’ll only hear them for a little while. soon you’ll be so busy flapping and then so far soaring that their voices will be drowned out
  • The minute you find the right altitude and connect with the perfect air current, you will begin to meet others who are soaring at that level and in that environment
  • No matter what happens, the greatest thing you ever did, was try. And the worst thing you could ever do is not try

Today, on day 5 of our #31daysofwoohoo challenge, pick up that all too familiar notebook and write down one (yes just one) dream you have been too afraid to try. Then write down three thing you’re going to do immediately to start making it happen – then START!!!!

You are beautiful – empowered – visionary

I am Beverly Chahonyo and I;m cheering you on!



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