Of Chubby Fingers and Perfect Gifts

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I have what my siblings call CFS – Chubby Finger Syndrome. I have the fattest little fingers that look like a baby’s fingers. My toes too but that’s a story for another philosophy. In the past it has caused me to refrain from using my phone to type out and publish my blogs as I always have to go over it a zillion times painstakingly correcting the errors of auto-correct to save me from the embarrassment of either insulting someone or appearing to be intoxicated with substances either legal or illegal.

Yesterday however, I realized that it was a gimmick to keep me from using my words and speaking truth and spewing verbal wisdom to one and all alike. When I get a thought, it’s like an itch … it must be scratched; I MUST WRITE otherwise it will be wasted or the idea will be gone faster than I could say #BeautifulPetals and replaced with another one. Just because I write it down doesn’t mean it will eventually develop into a fully fledged deep and intimate monologue to later be published as poised and powerful prose. It does however mean that if I do write it down, I have the ability to further investigate it and develop it in depth and once that is done, more often than not, it does become a beautiful peace for all the petals out there who want to read it.

Amid my rantings and ravings, mine is an orderly chaos so follow me if you will. Last night in my quiet time and meditation and reading of The Word, I was in Genesis 4. Cain did a lot of things wrong and most of the time we focus on those things. He gave out of duty and responsibility and a sense of obligation. He got jealous of his brother. He killed his brother. Abel did one thing right – HE LOVED GOD AND IT SHOWED! Then comes verse 13 of that chapter. God has already passed his judgement and Cain opens his mouth once again and says “MY PUNISHMENT IS TOO GREAT”. Dude … Seriously … You just killed your brother. In COLD BLOOD. His blood is crying out from the earth. You show absolutely no remorse whatsoever, you are still focused and centered on self. I just could not get over the fact that all this time with everything that had transpired, he still felt nothing for his late brother. His baby brother. The one he was supposed to protect from life and its harsh realities. God in His infinite grace and mercy still looked to that heartfelt plea and put a hedge of protection around Cain.

But today I’m not here to belabor Cain’s folly but to shed a light on Abel’s final act of love. So often we refrain from doing something because it’s not perfect or it’s not quite right or the circumstances are a little bit off. We might as well be standing naked on a hill and chanting for the perfect weather conditions and invoking whatever perfection we deem necessary for the perfect moment. God doesn’t care about perfection. He knows that we are not perfect and in our imperfection we show forth His glory. Flawed as we are, all He wants is an act of love so deep that it will invoke the jealousy of the earth. An act of love so loud in its intensity that it will mute the noise of the world. So what if you have Chubby Finger Syndrome as it applies to your gift or your situation. All He wants is to hear the pitter-patter of those chubby little fingers as they make beautiful music to Him – and that right there will be a sacrifice, Holy and Acceptable to Him.

So today, I challenge you to stop seeing disability where The Eternal One sees Capability. Stop hearing Inability where He hears a Symphony. Refrain from watching an ugly scene where He wants to give a standing ovation for an unforgettable performance. No man is perfect and no act can be pulled off in perfection – but if it is born out of pure love, it will be perfectly acceptable to Him. Have a CFS kinda day and enjoy it. It’s how He created you!

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