Africa Arise

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In my book, we cannot think or Easter without thinking of Thanks hence I cannot celebrate Easter without Giving Thanks.

Today I thank God for the African Sun as she lazily but deliberately makes her way across the continent to kiss the faces of billions of her children. The glow she leaves on the sun-kissed faces has for decades been sought by others in the form of a tan. The spark she lights in the sun-kissed hearts is something that cannot be quantified [ask anyone who endures months of blistering winter’s cold].

This morning I thank God for the African Breeze as she playfully dances across fields and tousles fabric. The play and the dance are all to the rhythm of the African Beat. As she plays, as she blows, she brings a refreshing break from her cousin the sun. She cools and she calms as she blows and bursts forth – I can almost hear her giggle as she mischievously wreaks havoc on the freshly washed and hung clothes in the numerous back yards across Africa.

I take this time to thank the Lord for the African Rain. There is nothing like the smell of rain in Africa. She smells fresh. She smells of good, clean earth. She smells like nothing that has ever been captured and put in a bottle [not for lack of trying]. The African rain cleanses the land. She roars with the thunder and sparkles with the lightning and brings a newness whose worth is far beyond diamonds.

And finally for the African NightSky. Such beauty is hard to comprehend and harder still to put into words. She sparkles with the millions of stars as they prepare the way for the grace and beauty and majesty of the moon. The moon makes her entrance and all else shies away in a gesture befitting the queen of the night. She commands a presence and her royalty drips over the sleeping giant that is Africa.

Today I am grateful to be African. I am a child of Africa. Birthed on her shores. Nurtured by her substance. Nursed on her breasts. And taught of her legends. I stand tall on the shoulders of those who have gone before me. I look forward because I must secure a future worth living for the nations that reside in my womb. I am an child of Africa. Strong, Beautiful, Intelligent, Focused. I am full of purpose and am purposed by my Dreams. I dream an African dream, not because I am confined by her shores; she set me free years ago to spread the word about the richness of her core. I dream an African dream because the world has watched all the rest come to pass and now it is time for Africa to Arise.

I am now and always will be child of Africa

But I am not now and never will be confined to what the world wants to think of a child of Africa.

I have now and continue to shock them with the richness that flows from the inside of me.

I remember now and vow to never forget that

I am Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

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