An Open Letter To My Unborn Daughter

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I dedicate this to my parents, my siblings, my girlfriends and of course my daughter (when you finally get here, this will be waiting for you). God made you for me and I will forever treasure you.

This piece was inspired by my dreams, hopes and aspirations towards marriage and motherhood. For a long time those seemed so far off and like they would never come to pass. I walked in faith this faith walk has taken me down a long path. I bought my wedding gown in 2013 while recovering from major orthopedic surgery after breaking my leg – I’ve blogged about that before – I think??? I also started praying for my children and husband way before I started dating or there was even a prospect. This is the other part of that journey. I bought a bridal journal in 2011 and as I began to journal it turned into a letter to my unborn daughter. this is just a glimpse of what is in inside it – the rest is too precious to share with you. My dreams are now but a breath away and my heart is so content. It was definitely worth the wait.

 I also dedicate this to a friend of mine who told me what she was going through after losing her baby boy. My heart broke for her and still breaks, and I decided that I would publish this particular piece as a special dedication to her … and him. You are stronger than you think … This one’s for you. (and anyone out there going through the same thing).


 Dated 29th November 2016, Circa 14:26PM, East African Time

To my baby girl.

My deepest love. 

My forever girlfriend. 

I love you dearly and have some things to say to you.

Over the course of your life, you will come into contact with many people. I cannot tell you who they are or what to do with them. I can only tell you my story and hope it helps to guide you along your path. 

YOUR FATHER AND I: We will always love you. We will always want to look out for you. You will never be too grown for us. You will always be close to perfection. It is very easy to take advantage of these facts and take us for granted. Choose instead to honor us. We are only here with you for a limited time. You will only be in our house for a short while before your husband comes to whisk you away on your own fairytale adventure. Honor and obedience to us are the first choice you will ever have to make. It may seem difficult on the days when you don’t understand our decisions or you feel we don’t understand you. But trust me, it will all make sense one day. I vow to be your first forever girlfriend and when the time is right, that will happen, but for now, I will be your parent and make the tough decisions. Trust that I love you and that this is for your own good. 

 YOUR SIBLINGS: These guys are your first friends. You will laugh with them and love them. This will be your first big fight and get under your skin like nobody else. They will love you through the toughest storms, and you have the ability to hurt them beyond belief with just one word, one look, one tear. Here’s my advise: you have got to choose to love them unconditionally. Remember, It’s a choice. It’s a commitment you make. Choose to honor them. Choose respect over hurtful words. Fight fair – to say your peace, not to hurt them because they hurt you. Some things you cannot undo – like your words. You cannot eat them once they are out. They are forever frozen in time and space. So take a deep breath and remember, these guys are on your side so choose to be on their side. 

GIRLFRIENDS: I have been so blessed here. I have golden girlfriends. Those who have seen me since my single digit era, into my teens, into my twenties, and my thirties. I’m on the eve of my forties and my tantalizing trio have kept me sane. Here’s how I picket them – or they picked me. One picked me on my first day in a new primary school and has never stopped loving me despite the times and the seasons and the changes and even the bad decisions I have made. the second picked me on my first day of college. She has seen me through thick and thin, love and laughter, tears and sadness and has never stopped cheering me on! The third picked me on her first day at my church and has never stopped defending me in the face of adversity and talking me off the proverbial ledge whenever I need to be talked down from my emotions or up from my perspectives.

I love you now and always will.

Your forever Girlfriend

Your Mummy

And Remember, you are now and forever will be BEAUTIFUL, EMPOWERED & VISIONARY



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