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Lord I thank you for Your Word. Thank you for assurance that You will not forget me and You have engraved me on the palms of Your hands. You are deeply concerned about me and have tattooed a picture of me on the palms of your hands. You cannot forget me and your mind is full of me.

You know everything I am going through. I used to think that vulnerability to You Jehovah was a weakness but my mind has been transformed and I know that in my weakness I am strong in You. I now know that there is liberty and freedom in admitting to you that I am going through a very tough time. I now know that challenges and trials are not necessarily evidence of sin or lack of my faith in You. I thought this for a long time because of guilt and condemnation that is not from You or of You Jehovah. But my mind has been transformed and renewed by You and through Your Word.

The reality is that there will be times when I cry, laugh, mourn, dance, embrace and refrain; but through all this You Lord have commanded me to rest in You and take refuge in You.

My attitude has changed. I take my focus off my challenges and fixate on Your faithfulness toward me and Your ability to see me through and carry me through. It is no longer about me Lord. My expectations have changed Daddy because I no longer have expectations of myself but focus on Your definition of me and your super on my natural abilities and capabilities.

I thank you Lord because You stepped in to fight my battles, relieve me of my burdens and give me REST. I thank You Father because with You and in You there are no D.I.Y projects for me to complete.

I throw out my carefully thought out plans because none of my best plans could ever compare to the endless and breath taking possibilities You have laid out for me Lord.

I trust You Lord with all my beginning, end and everything in between because You Father are my alpha and omega.
With a humble heart I enter in, teachable and hungry for You Jehovah.

Permanently free from worry, guilt, condemnation, sorrow, depression and fear. Having entered into Your REST I am at peace. Thank You for Your peace that is a blessing that consumes my heart and mind. Knowing that You guard those whose minds are stayed upon You and I know You who holds my tomorrow.

I know that this life is not about me and what I can do, but its all about You Lord and what You need done in and through this life, for Your glory Jehovah.

Your end for me is victory. That is my position in life. You are my position in life. You are my constant, my solid rock, my very present help in time of need. You are the lifter up of my head. Your unwavering love and commitment to me Lord is unrivalled and unmatched. Your voice I hear and follow, Your Word encourages and upholds me, Your Spirit comforts and guides me.

In His Service – Alivitsa

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