August 31st

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I smell the abundance of the newness of my tomorrow. It’s here. It arrived yesterday and is settling in today. It is my future and has arrived into my presence. The Transition has been rough. The birthing was violent. The afterbirth was messy. But Finally, the baby is here. Get on the bus or get off, but the bus is MOVING!

I am Beautiful, Empowered, Visionary

I am @BeautifulPetal_

And this is my season.

The rain is a sign of freshness and new beginnings. As I listen to it falling, I imagine it washing away all the oldness. I imagine the old season circling the drain. I imagine the newness of my expectation. The newness of my Womb. The newness of my dreams. The newness of my ambition. The infancy of my new season.

After the rain stopped and the ark FINALLY settled atop the mountain, it took a while before new life could be seen, despite the fact that it was forming all along.

In this the aftermath of your storm, TAKE your time. It may seem futile but the old is being washed away and the new is coming to pass. Just. Be. Still.

You ARE Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

You ARE @BeautifulPetal_




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