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I am learning to be retrospective and not reflective on matters that concern relating with other people. I was on a plane the other day and on the same flight there were three young men who appeared to be of a certain ethnic background. My first instinct was to judge and make assumptions based on what I believed to be their background, religion, and cultural roots. As we flew, the Holy Spirit began to speak to my heart. He began to ask me some very poignant questions. One of them was simply: What if one day someone sat at an airport and made assumptions about my son and judged and made decisions on how to treat him based on those assumptions? What if one of these was my son and innocent as he was, he had already been judged and convicted of an imaginary crime and based on that, wherever he went, we would pay the price not even having committed the sin?

Fear is a horrible thing. It makes us hate what we do not understand. It makes us act in a way most unbecoming. I am ashamed to say that the fear of that culture drove me to clutch my purse tighter and imagine all sorts of evil plots based on what I have programmed myself to believe about this culture.

The Bible tells me in the book of Romans 13:8-10 [The Voice (VOICE)]

8 Don’t owe anyone anything, with the exception of love to one another—that is a debt which never ends—because the person who loves others has fulfilled the law.

If I could truly get to a place where I remained devoid of everything EXCEPT love, I could then operate on a plane where all I could see in people was their potential and their goodness and if that was my foundation in dealing with people, and that was everyone else’s foundation for how they interacted with others, the world would truly be a better place.

I will strive to love despite myself and in spite of everyone else. And where I stumble, there is grace. And where there is grace there is forgiveness. And where there is forgiveness there is the chance to start over.

Today I continue my journey in boldness. My journey away from fear. My journey of discovery and allowing others to love me, uplift me, uphold me and live in my heart without any other agenda or motive except that I want to love and be loved and owe no man anything BUT love. I want to fulfil the law and my prayer is that the Spirit of the living, loving lover of my soul will allow me to arise and walk in this new revelation of light.

Today I pledge to you that I will fulfil to you this day my debt of love to you.

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