Candy Coated Raindrops

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So these past few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster. Mostly good, sometimes a need for a sigh and a nod of the head. My high moments of the month … Hmmm … let’s see …

  • I recently had a night on the town with my girlfriends. Called them up, had them all dress up pretty, booked a private dining room at a posh hotel and we went out – girls only – and laughed the night away. We don’t do this enough. Just go out and get dolled up for no apparent reason and just enjoy a posh evening out. As I sat in this room full of fifteen gorgeous ladies, I realized something. I AM SO BLESSED!! I mean I looked around and there was years … decades of friendship in that room. One wise lady had advised me that no matter what I did, I had to make sure that everyone around the table knew at least one other person and everything would go great. Well, it went better than great. We’re going to have to make this Just Because dinners a regular thing.
  • I finally went back to work after being away for 4 months. WOW – I LOVE being back. Love what I do. Sometimes don’t enjoy the things I have to do in the line of duty but that’s just life.
  • As of today, I’m officially walking on ONE CRUTCH ONLY!!! I call it the one-crutch-jig! I mean one surgery, four months and a little physiotherapy later I’m feeling alive again, feeling great, feeling a little more independent every day. It’s been an amazing journey and I bless God for walking with me through every nano-second of it all.
  • I spent time with one of my oldest and dearest friends. Watching her now as a mother and wife, how she has matured and mellowed into this season of her life and how good she is with the kids was amazing. We don’t get to spend much time together as she and her family live a thousand miles away. Every 3 years is not enough but we make it work. Audie, you are an amazing mother and you inspire me so much!
  • My sister is getting married! Woop Woop – she’s just so amazing and has been such an example of purity and waiting on the right person, on The One and I’m so thrilled for her! So we have a wedding in the family – AGAIN 😀 Within 12months we’ll have had 3weddings and a baby!
  • And of course my adorable nephew. My darling Twi, my world revolves around you. You really do make the sun shine a little brighter and the birds sing a little sweeter just by being alive.

That brings me to the low points of my month: Really there’s just one. My adorable baby Twi and his mommy have moved 500kilometres away and I won’t get to see them every week anymore 🙁 Can you say boohoo! I literally held my tears back when i kissed them goodbye knowing it’d be at least a month before I saw them next and saddened that I’d miss the daily.

So all in all I had more highs that I did lows. Life is full of ups and downs. We can choose to wallow in the valleys or to soar in the clouds. It is purely a matter of attitude. We can choose to moan and groan about the rain or kick off our heels and dance like a darvish in the rain. Today I challenge you to kick off your heels, stick your tongue out in the rain and try to catch the some candy coated raindrops on the tips of our tongues. Guess which one I choose!!! XOXO – Girl-about-town!



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