Chronicles of a New Bride: The Plan

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Scene opens to the sound of cameras flashing. Everyone wants a picture with the new couple. I just said I do to my best friend and we vowed forever to each other. Pure bliss…. This is the stuff sweet dreams are made of. Now let’s begin the journey of love, am syked and ready!

Q1 – Skipping through the meadows with my beloved. The weather is perfect, everything is perfect. “Oh my you’re glowing! Marriage looks good on you” “aaawww thank you”. This is the season everyone just lets you be, no phone calls I need to dodge, not many social obligations, just chilling. Everything is exactly as it should be. You see I’m a wife with a plan. I wasn’t just waiting for this season of my life to begin. I prepared, I prayed, fasted, read and researched. I know good marriages don’t just happen. You need to prepare and you need to put in the work! (C’mon somebody!) See? I told you I got this. I have a plan!

Q2 – What is this thing called cleaving? Aaaah I remember. I heard that the wedding is where two become one, and then they get home and discover which one. LOL (Not!) Wait hold up, can I just have a minute here? I know am still a friend, a sister, a colleague and all the other hats I still wear but I just need a moment to make sure my latest hat fits perfectly. I assure you we will hang out and catch up soon just hold up for a bit will you? And where oh where is my list? I had a plan I know its somewhere here.

Q3 – Can everything and everyone just chill?!! Hi husband? I am wife. Do we speak the same language? Well, granted lately I speak a lot of female (tears, pouting, silence spells) but they were an effective means of communication back then so what changed? Can I bench my husband and speak to my best friend for a minute here? Oh and can everyone else just back off for a bit? I know I may not fit your text book picture of a new bride. I don’t know exactly how a new bride should look and act so pardon me I’m just trying to understand exactly where exactly this is and…… Oh for the love of God I’m not senile! I know I had a list somewhere here. I had a plan, really I did!!

Q4 – This is Q2 and Q3 reloaded…but wait. What’s that? Sssshhhh….it’s the sound of my panicky heart slowing down to normal. Normal? Is chaos my new normal? Oh Lord, I must really be out of it! And what’s that I see through the mist? Oh…hi God! Wow, so good to see you…did you witness the just ended melt down and circus that’s basically me? ‘Yep’, He replies, ‘are we done yet?’ yeah pretty much. ‘Would you like me to calm the storm?’ He asks gently. ‘Umm…a month ago I would have said yes but I now realize something. What may feel like a very strong wind to a new born kitten is nothing but a slight draft to a full grown lion. I want to outgrow the things that shake me, and after all, I need that wind to propel me for flight right? Oh yeah and one other thing God, forget the list, YOU are my plan! ‘(drops mic and walks off stage)

(Cue triumphant music)

In conclusion, (like a Pentecostal preacher you know I still got a lot to say) whether a bride or bride-to-be, whatever phase of life you’re in, I hope you could identify with at least one of the 4 quarters of my past year. Celebrate the victories however small they may seem and don’t trivialize them. You see I celebrate my monthly anniversaries…. Those who have gone ahead many years may find that cute or just a bit too much, but tell you what. It has taken the grace of God these 10 months so yes I celebrate every month.

About that plan, He says it’s not by might nor by power but by MY Spirit. Power and might are all good but not enough. So as you prepare, work, pray, fast, serve and basically do all you need to do, remember it by HIS Spirit. He is the author and finisher of your faith. HE IS THE PLAN!

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