Clap Clap Clap Clap – A Mosquito’s Perspective

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This morning I was accosted by an animal I detest. It is a creature which in my very limited knowledge (seeing as I am not master of the universe or commander of the times and seasons) has no place in this world and no business being in existence. Before I get hammered by environmentalists and all the people who love the earth (even without judging me for how I love the earth or finding out how I contribute to her wellbeing), let me put this one disclaimer: THIS IS STRICTLY MY OPINION – NOT FACT, AND NOT A MATTER FOR CONTENTION AND IS BORNE OUT OF MY DETEST FOR THIS MIGHTY MITE OF A BEAST – The Mosquito.

I hate the way they fly around and I can never kill them – yes, I fully believe in killing mosquitoes. I hate the itchiness and the redness and the bumps that come with their bites. I hate malaria and how they so efficiently transmit it. But most of all, I just think they’re utterly RUDE. I mean they simply have no table manners. They make noise as they eat and they have no care in the world that the noise they make is the most annoying and the most irritating sound in the world. So yes, I HATE mosquitoes and I was accosted by one early this morning as I was preparing to leave the house at the crack of dawn. I have to vent one more frustration with these little animals. I am VERY BAD at killing them. For all I care I could be clapping from here to Zion and back and manage to clap only 5 mosquitoes to death. I am so bad at it that when I actually manage to kill one, my siblings and parents stop to marvel at such great a wonder. So this morning, at the crack of dawn with sleep deprivation against me I began my clapping ritual for this one little mighty culprit who just kept coming at me over and over and over again. Before you ask me, NO, I did not get the little critter but I’m sure I disturbed the peace of my household in my earnest efforts. I soon moved on to another daily mundane cold-morning-waking-up-preparation activity and soon my mind (which was now fully awake and alert in its vengeful agenda for Mosi the Mosquito – I have afterall been taught that in order to conquer my enemies I must know them so why not name them as well??] where was I … yes, my mind began to wonder. I recalled a tale I once heard in the form of a joke. The story is told of a young mosquito (let’s call him Moju in short – for Mosi Junior) who went out one morning depressed (my creative mind might be adding a little sparkle to the details but isn’t life more fun that way?) and sad. His parents waited eagerly for him to come back home and when he did in the evening, as parents always do, he got the usual – how was your day spiel to which he enthusiastically responded that he had discovered his greatness that day. Elated that their son Moju had seen the seed of greatness, they pressed on for more details. Moju went on to regale them with a tale of how every little thing he did that day warranted applause from everyone, especially the gigantic terrible monsters, the humans. Everywhere he went, they would clap for him and sometimes he hadn’t even done everything. Surely he must be a very great mosquito to have impressed even them. Moju’s dad clapped him over the head and proceeded to beat him within an inch of his life. He then went on to explain that the humans were not after all celebrating him but trying to kill him. Moju got the beating of a life in order to save his life. In my usual round-about-fashion, I will conclude with this amazing life lesson from the foolish mindset of a young mosquito: 

  • Not everyone thinks your great
  • Not everyone is celebrating you
  • Not all the noise and circus you hear about is for your good
  • Some people outright want to put out your light
  • Be careful who you surround yourself with

And finally, I will end with this one very important note: I TOLD YOU MOSQUITOES HAD NO POINT!! Do have a wonderful day filled with the greatness that is inside of you. And remember, you are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary You are @BeautifulPetal_  mosquito_dibujo



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