Come On Up!

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So yesterday I attended the most amazing service in the most amazing church. caught me completely off guard – in a good way. All the while I was planning my magical getaway, my amazing Mummy kept telling me that I am in for a surprise because I was going to have an amazing encounter with God. Yesterday I did have an amazing encounter with God. Pastor Sam Evans delivered a powerful word that will forever change my life. She told me (because I was sure God was speaking only to ME) that God was inviting me to come on up to another level, a deeper level, a more intimate connection with Him. He was inviting me to come up higher and dwell with Him. And so He was. I answered the call and came stepped up. I launched out into the deep and allowed Him to bathe me in His love. And boy, oh boy did He ever!

I witnessed the intensity of intimacy with God … in an AMAZING way, in Nature. To think that nature is God’s spoken word. He spoke it into being and it was.


I mean how awesome is that? He spoke THAT MOUNTAIN into being. Just spoke it and it was. Just by His spoken word. He said it and it was!

He looked, spoke and up popped the mountains, the valley’s the rivers, the lakes, and the oceans and the animals and the plants and the birds, and the fish, and everything. He spoke and it was.

And when He was done, the most amazing thing happened. He stopped speaking and began forming. He took His time and began to form … ME. He took His time. He designed, redesigned, formed, reformed and then woke me up with the most intimate and ultimate life-giving kiss … the breath of life.

And today I AM. I am who I am, created in HIS own image and likeness. I look like Him, I smell like Him, I have His scent, His odor, His character, His features, His heart. I am Him. He lives in me! And after eons of eternity lost without Him, He found me again, and yesterday He invited me to come up and live where He lives and be where He is.

So today I choose to answer the call and go up. Live in Him, Breathe in Him and Have my Being in Him.

This #BeautifulPetal is done thinking outside the box and has vacated the old self to live where God lives.

Won’t you join us? It’s so much fun here!

XOXO … From: A-Girl-About-Town!




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