Day 11 – Live : Birth: Dream

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And so I got over what the magazines told me I should be, and what TV told me I could be. I shut out the voices that needed shutting down, and I began to give birth and give life to a whole new me. I recreated my self image in my mind and rebirthed a new me in my heart. I fell in love with me all over again because loving me was the only thing that saved me. It was not because I coulda shoulda woulda been something else, somewhere else, living someone else’s life with somebody else by my side. It was because the world and the voices in the world had crushed the image of perfection that God saw when He created me – and He saw that it (I) was (am) good.

I have learned over the years to love me for me and everybody else can follow – or not. I have learned that I speak loud and laugh louder and cannot whisper to save my life – and that’s just who I am – AND I’M OK WITH THAT!

I have learned that my experiences should not shut me up – instead they should inspire me to speak louder – Shout it from the mountaintops even – because it just might save someone else’s life. And even if it doesn’t, it sure does feel good to shout it from the mountaintops (my old school peeps will remember the opening scene from The Sound of Music and feel me on that one).

I have learned that by my words I can birth and give life, or by my words I can kill and take life. Today I chose to give life to your dreams. Ride on the wings of my words and birth your own.

I once heard a wise man speak about the principle of sowing a seed. He taught me that FIRST I must NAME my seed, then I must AIM my seed and finally I must CLAIM the harvest of the seed sown. So I pass that on to you. Name your dream. Give it validity by giving it identity. Then aim it – decide which direction you are going and believe God to give provision. And finally, after waiting for a season, never ever forget to or be too overwhelmed or tired or weak to CLAIM the harvest over which you have toiled.


You are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

You are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

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