Day 12 – Goodbye

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And so I began the journey of the butterfly, turning away from the ways of the caterpillar. It’s funny how anything, however wrong and unhealthy, is hard to give up once you have become accustomed to it’s warmth, it’s comfort and it’s laws. I began to shed off relationships that were bad for me. Along the way I made mistakes with friendships that had been good to me and lost them. I mourned too long over some and fleetingly mulled over others. My life is fuller for all the beautiful people who have passed by my way and lighter for all the people who were bad for me and never should have been there.

I am learning in these #31daysofwoohoo that I must learn how to gracefully exit but firmly shut the door. Goodbyes are never easy (at least not for me). I am a hoarder. I hoard memories and hoard emotions. I savor that moment in the day when I can go over the good ones and relive them in HD 🙂 I dream those times in my dreams when the bad ones creep into my sunshiney world and morph into nightmares. But I hoard them all the same.

On this one, we will walk together. Today I give myself – and you – the strength to exit with grace, leave in peace and go in dignity. I speak the courage to open our hands and let go. To wave goodbye, mourn for the right amount of time, turn around and walk away. And I speak the wisdom to know when to go back, seek forgiveness, swallow pride and fight (or grovel) for what you were never meant to lose.

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