Day 13 – Giggles

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I am an extremely blessed Petal. I am heavy laden with one one super-nephew and three super-nieces and five god-children, and I am “the other mommy” to seven amazing angels. Then I have others who call me “auntie” or “grandma” (yes, I said it – but what a pretty one I am 🙂 ) and one thing that I take joy in is hearing them laugh. The laughter of a child is like no other. It is pure, unadulterated, uninhibited, unhindered. It is full of squeals and giggles and delightful to no end.

I have picked up along the way that one key ingredient for me is laughter – fits and giggles to be precise! It is core to intimacy and friendship and relationship to me.

I have learned to laugh through tears, to laugh at myself, to laugh with others, to laugh (dare I say it) at others. I have learned the importance of taking a few moment to people watch and appreciate how different we are as human beings in general!

I have learned to laugh my way off my behind when I fail (not easy but always worth it in the long run). I am learning the delicate art of balancing between the right amount of laughter at the right time and often find myself asking the all time question “Too Soon?” to myself of course.

Growing up, I would watch my mother and her numerous sisters laugh. My mother’s laughter is not shy. It’s not demure. It is soulful and from the belly (which really is where laughter is supposed to come from. I’m sure there’s a scientific fact somewhere out there in the universe of the World Wide What-in-the-world Web). I watched my parents giggle and laugh at us as kids – they still do and it still stings softened by the vision of the actual laughter nurtured and perfected over decades of friendship and marriage. I grew up laughing with my sisters and brother. Laughing with my girlfriends. Laughing with my mentors. Laughing by myself. Laughter Rocks!

So today, I celebrate laughter. I celebrate the giggles of the years that have carried me through difficult situations. I celebrate the art of the perfect giggle, the perfect snort, the chocking laughter and the bellowing from the belly.

Laugh your way through stuff – it makes stuff pass by faster!

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