Day 15 – Beware

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So we have celebrated and understood and identified and embraced our destiny. Now is the time to warn you to Beware of false positives in your life. There have always been, are now and will forever be someone out there who was created to try and take down your dream or take over your dream. Perhaps that’s their purpose in your life – to make you fail. The Bible tells me that it’s always darker just before the dawn. Well, I know for a fact that a lot of wannabes will show up just before the real deal. A lot of people who were no longer meant to be there will act up and if you’re not careful you may end up carrying their emotions and their tantrums instead on focusing on the end game. A lot of our emotions will flare up right after the big battle to prevent us from winning the ultimate war. Keep your eye on the prize.

It is at this stage in a butterfly’s life that she is most vulnerable. She has began to recognize who she is but is so engrossed in growing into her new self that she is less aware of her surroundings and ultimately the dangers that surround her. She is more attractive physically (her colors are vibrant and catchy), she is more attractive emotionally (she is now in a good place and confidence can easily give way to cockiness which is the prime recipe for mistakes). She is more attractive spiritually (she is more in tune with her God hence her light is shining brighter).

It is at this point that she also needs to note that her surroundings have changed. She is no longer covered by the vegetation of the bottom-feeding atmosphere but exposed to the elements of the air. Her enemies and predators are swifter, wiser, more keen, more aggressive, better equipped.

My pretty petals, you are about to take flight – but make sure you have

  1. Counted the cost
  2. Understood your advantage
  3. Evaluated your options
  4. Carried the right people
  5. Accounted for your resources

The enemies to your dream will come fast and hard – but you are more than capable of dealing with them.

You are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

You are @BeautifulPetal_



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