Day 4 – Trusting the Process

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Today I want to give thanks for a certain situation.

I recently underwent surgery (exactly a week ago). Came out of the hospital on Friday and looking back at where I was at this time last week and where I am now, I cannot but marvel at how amazing our God is. He reigns. He truly does.

I have so many testimonies that can come out of today’s post so I’ll keep going for one reason and one reason alone: Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word. Without Faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God. And We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the Words of our Testimony. There is someone out there tonight who needs to hear this so I’m going to give my testimony.

In my pretty, colorful life, I have undergone 8 (yes, 8) surgical procedures. I HATE surgery. I hate ‘the knife’ I hate the pain, I hate the healing and recovery process. But God for some reason, feels I can handle it. The truth is, I CANNOT – but the truth is also that WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

So Testimony #1 from last week. My surgeon who is just an amazing gifted, humble man stopped everything before starting the procedure, demanded the ENTIRE team be present and still, laid his hand on my head, held my hand and prayed. I find that sometimes we as Christians are shy about our faith – but this man, he told me that he is very much aware that if you do not stop to take control of the atmosphere and environment, your human vanity might think that you are in control but there are forces working behind the scenes. WOW!

Testimony #2 This man sat with me in the “recovery” room until I was awake, coherent and stable. Then as I was whisked up to my room, he followed me there, settled me before going home. Let me just say this, When you know and understand your calling and your gifting, you take it seriously/.

Testimony #3 I was home within 72hours and now, exactly a week later, I simply am unable to fathom how far God can bring me in such a short span of time.

Testimony #4 I KNOW beyond the shadow of a doubt that God indeed never left me nor forsake me – neither is he about to.

So today I celebrate Trust. Not so much my ability to trust God because if I had been given a choice, I am not sure I would have chosen this path. But I celebrate the ability of My God to trust me with this journey that is my life. I celebrate my journey, my process, my promise, and the evidence and product of the work of God’s hands in my life.

I celebrate a journey with Him, knowing that despite my circumstances and surroundings, He is always with me.

Today I celebrate each and every one of you out there -I celebrate your courage, your process, the fight still left in you, your refusal to back down and give up, your strength to try Just One More Time and your ability to praise from the depths of your soul despite what “it” may look like.

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