Day 5 – Newness

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There is something absolutely exhilarating about newness.

The feel of your foot in a new shoe, the stretch of a new dress over your #MotherAfrica hips, the smell of the inside of a new car, the touch of All Things New.

My Bible tells me that He makes all things New (Revelation 21:5) and He follows it with these words: Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.

So He who makes all things new has promised me that He will make all things concerning me new and He has followed it up with a command : Take It To The Bank – Write It Down, It’s Trustworthy and True.

So why wouldn’t anyone be excited about #Newness?

So today I celebrate #Newness.

Of necessity, something must exit for something else to enter. Something must die for something else to be born. Something must end for something else to begin. Something must be old for something else to be new.

I Celebrate the Exit and the Entrance.

I Celebrate the Death and the Birth.

I Celebrate the End and the Beginning.

I Celebrate the Old and especially the NEW!

As for you, I speak into this season of Newness – Let not your heart be troubled. God’s got you. Be at peace. He’s got a plan for you. I celebrate your Entrance, your Birthing, Your Beginning and your Newness! I Celebrate you!

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