Day 8 – Beauty

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” Don’t worry about the how – just trust the who,

You never have to chase what is God Sent”

Trent Shelton

So I landed on this beautiful continent still feeling out of place. Not knowing what my future held and too scared to think I may have let go of the past too soon.

It took me years to finally figure myself out – I’m STILL figuring myself out, I’m just more confident in who I see when I look into the mirror today.

Then one day it dawned on me – what birthed me had the solutions to my problems and the answers to my questions all along. I had just been asking the wrong questions all along.

The minute I embraced me for who I am – Beautiful, Black, Bountiful, Artistic, Creative, Writer – The Voice of the 21st Century African Woman calling out to the voices of so many 21st Century Women across the globe, speaking deep truths and telling true stories that many are too sad, too shy, too embarrassed, too afraid or too in denial to tell, the moment I started to speak with that one voice, all the others fell silent and the world began to pay attention. All I had to do was to answer the call of my roots.

So today I celebrate my voice and the beauty therein.

I speak without fear because I know I was given a voice to give a voice to so many who are voiceless.


I draw my strength from my roots – this continent flows through my veins and I can no longer deny that I flow through the veins of this continent.

I am richly, blackly, thickly, passionately in love with the Africa in me and she is truly, madly, deeply ingrained in the African in me.

I am Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

I am @BeautifulPetal_



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