Deliberately Liberating

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This year I have decided to be more focused on the people, places and things that I hold dear.

You see I sat down and made a list of the things I have thought about, talked about, wanted to achieve and failed to even begin in the past. I sat down and deliberated and eliminated those things which have nothing to do with my destiny and nothing to do with my season and then prioritized those things I must achieve without fail because so much else hangs in limbo until those first things are achieved.

In doing so it became more apparent to me than ever before that I cannot do it all on my own. So in “counting the cost” I counted the people I must take along with me on this journey. It is not a matter of who to cut out or leave behind. It is also neither personal nor is it outward facing. It is deliberate and strategic and inwardly reflective and has everything to do with who is assigned to do what in the when of the now that I behold as this season of my life.

Today I have few words but I pray that they will mean much to those who come across them

1. Sit down and count the cost (only you know your dream and only you feel it like you do)

2. Sid down and count the people (only you know who does what for you and only you and God can determine how far you go with who and why)

3. Sit down and be strategic. I read somewhere today that being strategic is not making major decisions that affect the whole and being visible. Instead it is being deliberate and excellent in that one line and letting the results speak for you.

4. In cutting ties as we all sometimes must, do it with love and do it with honor. Forget burning bridges. Learn to shake on it and smile as you take divergent lanes on this highway called life understanding fully that they may in the future converge but even if they don’t, it was a pleasant memory and will remain that way.

5. HAVE FUN!!!!! ‘Nuff Said 🙂

Do have a Deliberately Deliberate day full of Deliberations for your future!

XOXO: From A-Girl-About-Town

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