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It is the 9th of October and I have woken up with so much joy in my heart. Yesterday we looked at peace. Today let us examine Joy. I have an auntie called Joy and she is indeed a joyous experience. She giggles like nobody else I have ever known and her laughter is most definitely infectious.

My dictionary ( defines joy as:

  1. The emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation:
  2. A source or cause of keen pleasure or delight; something or someone greatly valued or appreciated:.
  3. The expression or display of glad feeling; festive gaiety.
  4. A state of happiness or felicity.

I can truly say that I am the definition of all of the above! Great delight, happy, exceptionally good and satisfied, pleasure, elated.

I pray that God will make me a cause of keep pleasure of delight to those I come across today in flesh or in word or in spirit. With a smile or with a hug, with a giggle or with a tear, with a hug or with a touch, with a prayer or with a song.

Isaiah 62 tells me that the Lord delights in me. I am delighted, delightful and a delight because He saw through my mess and into my intended present and divinely delightful state of mind, body, soul and spirit.

Malachi 3:12 tells me that all nations shall call me blessed for I shall be a delightsome land. WOW! How mind-blowing. My current state allows me access to enjoy some awesome perks. That ALL (not some but ALL) NATIONS (not people but NATIONS) shall call me blessed. I call out to all you nations out there

  1. The physical geographical demarcations created by man
  2. The nations that each woman holds in her womb (past present and future)
  3. The nations of the heavenlies and their spirit citizens
  4.  The nations that I will birth that will change destinies for generations to come!

I command you to begin to call me blessed. IT IS WRITTEN!!! Therefore it must come to pass.

I command my land to yield delight. In the city and in the field I am blessed (Deuteronomy 28) and I have already decreed it ( therefore all the earth must submit and cooperate. I hold the keys to the kingdom. I wield the power. All authority on earth is at my disposal, I command and it must come to pass. I speak and with my lips I create. With my tongue I bless or curse, give life or take life. IT IS WRITTEN. Therefore it must come to pass. [I must digress for a moment and ask for the wisdom and love to speak life and create life and bless and not curse or take life or speak death into any situation within my power. Holy Spirit, I submit my tongue to you. May it be a blessing and a tool to build, edify and glorify in the name of Jesus].

I ask you to begin to decree into your day and call into your morning and speak truth, joy, peace, delight, power, productivity into your day. Remember, you and God together are a partnership. As He has spoken, so shall it be, but you must begin to do!

Have a delightful day:-)



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