Every Girl Needs a Cheering Squad

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Day 2:

Life is full of color – live it, love it, celebrate it!

I struggled a little bit today, wondering what to write about. but with all the love I’ve been showered with, I’m sure of one thing and one thing alone. “No Man is an Island” and No girl is an islet. So I’ll tell you how my day went today.

I’ve had a rainbow of love, laughter, company and comfort today. Red came in all feisty and full of energy. She’s life, she’s fire, she’s heat, she’s passion and she’s been my constant companion over the past couple of weeks.

I’m told I’m a nice pastel blue. Very cool, very calm, not easy to anger, like chatting, like feelings and all that ‘crap’. Maybe a blue. That’s according to brown. She’s immovable, stubborn. She turns the big ’20’ tomorrow (please add 10years to that miss Brown. PS: your30s are gonna be awesome).

Green is lying down. She’s tired (physically) but her giggles keep interrupting her naptime. She’s calm, she’s dependable, she’s great under pressure, she’s solid as a rock. Great advise, great solutions, although she doesn’t see that in her life, she doesn’t like to take her own advise.

And then there’s our one-way mirror. We can’t figure out what color she is. What we have figured out (she’s fought tooth and nail to convince us) is that of the 7billion people on the planet, she has a handful she’s really close to, because while she loves looking out, she only allows those she chooses to in – and when we counted, we came to a grand total of …. (drumroll please) 4!!!! She perceives very deeply, and she treats people as she perceives them to treat her.

So, lesson for today: No man is an island, no girl is an islet and every one needs a cheering squad!

I’ve loved my rainbow-y taste of color and ice. I look outside at the world around me and love the plethora of hues, life, love and laughter that God has blessed me with. My family, my friends, my inner circle, my soul mates, my giggling buddies. A friend for all occasions and an occasion for every friend.

Thank you Lord for my friends, and thank you friends for coloring the landscape of my life with so much. I would gladly go into battle with and for you. So today, is International Colors of Bev’s Life Day. I salute you, I toast to you. As BeverlySpeaks today, know this one thing for sure … Beverly HEARTS You All.



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