Fee-fi-fo-fum, What do You Smell Like?

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I smell the blood of an Englishman,
Be he alive, or be he dead
I’ll grind his bones to make my bread

Those famous words can be found in the movie “Jack the Giant Slayer” [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1351685/]. They came to mind this morning as I was musing about my Bible fellowship last night. My church has what we call Raising Kingdom Champion meetings (or RKCs) that we hold weekly and zonally depending on where you live in the city of Nairobi. They are not exclusive to just the congregation but open to anyone. Our particular RKC has taken a while to get on it’s feet. Basically we kicked off in December, months after everyone else had and only started digging into the literature and materials last night. We’re studying a series called Enemies of the Soul and got into a deep and animated discussion over “What plagues us?” In my mind (remember the imaginative me) I translated it to “Who do you smell like?”

The way I see it, the Giant in the movie smelled

  1. Blood
  2. Human Blood
  3. The Blood of an Englishman

Jack was classified as

  • An animate, living object – He had blood
  • Of the Human Species – Homo Sapien
  • Specific to his locality – An Englishman

So the Giant was able to then further identify that because he was a man, he could either be Alive or Dead but either way he must have BONES to be crushed and ground into a  form powdery enough to make bread. 

So my question to you is – who do you smell like? Your environment and where you spend the most of your time and what you feed will dictate the odor you emit and will then attract like kinds and that way you create an atmosphere around you and carry it with you.

There is a wonderful gentleman who serves us lunch at work. He came in on Monday smelling of french fries (or chips as we call them in Kenya). That was the only thing you could smell and the aroma filled the room. The environment in the kitchen was filled with the aroma as he went about his daily business. The aroma infused itself into his clothing and probably onto his hands. It stuck to him and he then began to carry it around and emit it everywhere he went.

In life, your environment will be like that smell of the Englishman or of the chips. Wherever you go, you will carry it because it will be infused in you.I often hear people say that the longer a married couple stays together, the more they begin to look alike. I don’t think they look alike physically but as the two become one, their souls intertwine and their spirits agree and they begin to think, act and move as one.

That formula will apply (tried and tested) to any relationship, philosophy or doctrine you subscribe to. You will emit a smell and that smell will carry and will attract like-minded individuals around you. Have you ever had a friend or a significant other who wasn’t really a good person but you accepted and loved them for who they are even though you did not like or respect their actions, behavior or decisions? What do you think attracted you to them and them to you? It’s the spiritual odor you emitted and just like an animal marks its territory with scent, you did that and attracted a like-odored spirit. Have you ever walked out of a relationship / friendship and looked back and asked yourself: “What Was I Thinking?” That’s because you finally managed to shed that scent and it was no longer attractive to you and you therefore needed a new environment with a fresh perspective.

So this morning I ask you … Fee-fi-fo-fum, What do You Smell Like?

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