From Tembo to Mlima, Purpose Must be Fulfilled

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So everywhere I look, I see resolutions and declarations of what people will do in the new year. If it’s not one thing, it’s the next and if it’s not the next, then Lord knows what it is.I have always had a problem with resolutions. Not because other people make them but because I find I rarely hold to them. The mere concept of setting out one day to declare what you will do defeats the purpose of acting upon them daily and letting your results speak on your behalf.

I’ve had an amazing break and saw the most significant sights. I saw a mountain (Mlima in Swahili) so majestic sitting confident against the most intense sunset. I watched elephants (Tembo), giraffes, zebra, buffalo and hippopotami graze and laze knowing confidently their place and not needing to announce their next move. I surveyed the ocean in her splendor swishing and sloshing against the grainy sand perfectly laid out as a carpet for her, neither one needing to announce their presence or purpose to the other but both working in perfect correlation to the other to meet a need and fulfill a mandate. Today I am reminded of so many scriptures when I recall the intricate works of His creations. Not only did He speak and it was, he went further and pronounced each with a name and gave it a purpose to fulfill. A giant is a giant only because He allows it to be called a giant and a mountain is a mountain only because He allows it to rise.

The bigger picture floored me when the point finally hit me. Out of a herd of hundreds, one majestic bull raises his trunk, flaps his ears and ambles seemingly lazily but very purposefully in a direction, and hundreds heed to that call and follow. There is nothing unique about this big boy when you look at him but upon closer inspection of his behavior, the leader arises. He does not divide, he does not conquer. He leads and subdues but his actions and others follow and submit based on the very same actions. He was born to lead and he knows it – no book, no video, no class, no tutorial is needed. He just knows it.

So when it comes to us – let me speak for myself – when it comes to me, I need not stand up and announce to the world that I am a leader. My actions should prove that I can lead and my resolve should reflect in those actions. I am an african queen. Strong, proud, curvaceous, loud. But I am also an african queen: intelligent, intellectual, innovative and inspired. The african sun against my strong milk coffee skin feeds me with ideas and causes me to rise. The african moon upon my kinky curls rains purpose and whispers focus into my daily walk. I was born to rule. That is all there is to it.

So if you will, this is my declaration for the year Two Thousand and Sixteen:

  • I Will Arise
  • I Will Bring Forth
  • I Will Reign
  • I Will Lead
  • Because … … …
  • I Am The Solution.

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