Happy Birthday Beautiful Petals!

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Three years ago a dream was birthed. It had been conceived before it was formed in the womb of creativity. It had been protected (sometimes out of wisdom, sometimes out of hear). It had been fed (sometimes the perfect diet, sometimes junk). It had been hidden from site and not spoken about until it began to show and could no longer be hidden.

Three years ago the dream entered this world. It has been blood, sweat and pretty pink tears. It has been not understanding its identity and not wanting to embrace the obvious character and characteristics because they were so different. It has been three years in the making.

Three years of dreaming.

Three years of talking.

Three years of strategizing.

Three years of failing.

Three years of fearing.

Three years of joy unfathomable.

Three years of firsts.

Three years ago a dream was birthed and her name is Beautiful Petals.

Today I celebrate myself even as I celebrate you.

It is my birthday YES IT IS!!!! But it is also the day that Beautiful Petals was birthed.

Today I pray that your dream will be birthed. Pushed out in the most unlikely way and at the most unlikely place and during the most unlikely time. I pray that God will disturb you peace and your rest until you watch that dream come to pass.

Happy Birthday to Beautiful Petals and Happy Birthday to ME!

I am Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

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