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It has been a very long time since I wrote.

And in the months that have passed I truly believe I have grown to be a different person.

Sometimes life throws you a curveball. And even when you were expecting it, the truth is that you really truly will never be ready for the next thing.

Since my last post I have left my job – that change was TOUGH!

And over the past months I have had a chance to step back and examine myself. I mean TRULY examine myself.

You see a lot of times in life we define ourselves by what others say to us, how others see us, how they define us, the names the call us, the titles they give us, the accolades they heap or the insults they hurl. We get so caught up in the whirlwind of definition that we forget to pursue the truth of identity.

Here are some things I’ve learned in the past months:

** When all is said and done, the only people who really matter are the ones who really matter. I mean not everyone deserves an explanation, not everyone will understand, not everyone is for you and not everyone is against you. But if you can take the time to look inside and define who really matters to you, then that’s who you should fight for and that’s who you should embrace.

** When you hurt, those who matter hurt too. It’s important to understand that because we are social beings and infinitely connected at some emotional level, then whoever is for us goes through the same motions we go through. So let them go through the motions. A lot of times you find yourself comforting or encouraging them and that’s a good thing – it keeps you from self district mode.

** All things come to an end. Just as there is a beginning, so there is an end. And this is a fact of life. So just like the good times must come to an end, the not so great times too will come to an end. Just. Hang. In. There.

** Be graceful in all that you do. Mud slinging and gossip is ugly anytime of day and any day of the year. Be graceful in your victories and be graceful in your defeats. Be graceful when you’re happy and be graceful when it hurts. There is nothing more attractive than GRACE – That I’ll tell you for free!

** Be careful not to burn bridges. No matter how badly things ended, it’s important to maintain a certain level of decorum at all points. This, is a fact of life: You never know when you’re going to run into someone from your past or need someone in the future.

** CONVERSELY and definitely not to confuse you but equally important, Don’t be afraid of letting go. Sometimes the season is over and there’s nothing more to it. Sometimes the people are bad apples poisoning your environment and dragging you down. Whichever it is, JUST LET GO. It may hurt, but it’s only for a little bit and it’ll all be worth it.

** Be brave enough to admit when you’re wrong. The most painful yet the most liberating words you will ever have to utter are : I’m SORRY. It’s ok to say them and it’s ok to say them out loud.

** Finally, EMBRACE TOMORROW! Too often we get caught up in yesterday and fret so much about today that we forget that the sun will rise again tomorrow and that there is beauty, love and laughter just over the horizon. So embrace your tomorrow, no matter what happens. Because as sure as my name is Beverly, God has a plan for your tomorrow and that plan is definite and beautiful!

Remember now and forget never that:

You are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary
You are @BeautifulPetal_



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