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So any challenge in life must have a counter-challenge, a contender, a rebuttal. Yesterday I threw down the gauntlet and posed a challenge – little did I know what God was planning to do with that challenge. I had hardly finished blogging when I remembered a text I’d received the night before from a sister from another mother but hadn’t acted on. She talked to me about this awesome thing she is doing for child amputees. She is the mother to the sweetest, gentlest. and happiest little girl I know who was born with a defect in her leg and as a result had her leg amputated.

As I continued to read, I couldn’t help but break into tears as this mother described her journey as a mother. Let me start by saluting both mother and daughter. The daughter has proved to be more of an inspiration to me than I would ever have imagined. The mother is the bastion of strength and courage. Crystal (, thank you for sharing your story with me and allowing me a glimpse of the beauty of your story. Beulah, I love you so much. At the tender age of 4 you have taught me so much about how to laugh. To my friends through this blog, I implore you to go to their website and see how to support this foundation (

But God was not done yet. This morning I walked into an emotional ambush with God just surrounding me with love and confirming things through a friend. Things that for the past few months I dared not explore with little more than a passing glance or thought. He used this amazing woman to breathe life into areas of my life that I had allowed to lay dormant for a long time. He breathed life back into the fog and haziness. My dear, darling friend, you know who you are … … … Thank You. The tears you saw were most definitely “woohoo” tears.

Then this evening, in an attempt to avoid traffic and lie low for a little while, I found myself in the company of greatness. She spoke life, word, and truth, in time and in season for me. It’s like today was created for God to specifically be exalted, raised up and glorified in my life. It’s like the earth and the stars and the moon, and everything colluded to have me sit in this moment at the end of a very long day and still want to wake up and do it all over again.

So today I salute the warrior and the nurturer in every woman who will be blessed to be a blessing to another woman. Today I salute every man who is not afraid to let the woman shine when she needs to. But most of all I salute Courage, Honor and Respect all wrapped up in the most delightful package of a little princess that anyone would ever want to know. Today I salute you Beulah, for being the strongest woman I know – and you’re not even 5years old yet. Like they say, Age really is only a number. I am humbled to know you and be along for this ride.

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