Intimate Whispers of Bosom Buddies – A Study!

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So today is the 6th of October … which means we are six days into the challenge. And I’m back to scratching my head trying to come up with interesting and intriguing things to regale you all with. And … … … nothing for a while. It’s not as easy as one might think. Sure, there are interesting things out there but how many of them are interesting enough to captivate an audience or hold your attention for long enough? I guess it depends on how you spin things.

I think back to a scene that plays in my head over and over. I’m sitting with one of my dearest and oldest friends at dinner and a few tables from us is an attractive couple. The more we watch them out of the corner of our eyes (some of our best moments over the years have been spent people watching) the more we are awed by their behavior to one another. They sit enjoying a lovely Italian meal … In Total SILENCE. The few times we hear conversation coming from that end, it’s either because the Mr. is on the phone with his boss (he’s talking loud and long enough for us to partake without straining) or when he turns and tries to feed the MRS off of his plate. Other than that, there is dead silence apart from the clinking and clanking of the cutlery against the china.

I also noticed the fact that she was nicely dressed, nothing spectacular, in a pair of jeans and a cute top. And he was in cargo pants and sandals and a t-shirt. I felt somewhat sad for her -more so because the more we sat there observing them, I felt that although they were out eating a great meal, there was no intimacy. Non whatsoever. They might as well have been two colleagues sharing a meal after a late nigh in the office or at an airport, after missing a flight. And yet there was more. So part of our people watching game is that we then try to guess what the relationship, conversation and / or issue could be. With these two, the only thing that seemed to make sense is that they are in a physical relationship, but beyond that there was nothing. There is no friendship, no laughter, no teasing, no shyness, no coyness, no giggles, no nothing. They just sit across form each other like two students in a cafeteria, picking at their food. I have a friend who’s mother used to tell us that once you have given yourself to a man, things change and they can never go back. With these two, it seemed like the chemistry has been snuffed out, the magic is gone, the awkward silences have kicked in, and yet they were young and should have been vibrant and full of life. How sad; two people sitting across from one another, sharing a table, and not even a meal.

I bring those lessons learned back to my drive home after the dinner. It was a relatively warm night and I had the windows rolled down. I was jamming to the tunes of Bebo Norman’s  sultry country voice ( caressing the strings of the guitar and making them jump out as smoothly and as elegantly as a professional diver at the Olympics.  Bebo is intimate with his guitar. He is intimate with his God, he is intimate with his calling and his passion. It reflects in every beat and every note. As his intimacy with his God came through the speakers, God’s love washed over me and I begun to smile mischievously. I was in an intimate place with God and He was in an intimate place with me. And that’s when in hit me. There is no intimacy apart from God and with God, real intimacy comes from God and from growing in God.

I look back on another part of that evening and celebrate my bosom buddy, Dory, We’ve come a mighty long way since high school. We have shared secrets, wiped tears, carried anxieties and done a whole lot of laughing together. You hold in your heart some of my most intimate secrets and daring prayers. You have carried on your shoulders my dreams and aspirations. You have fanned the flame of passion in this and many other things. This friendship goes beyond what you can see and into the realms of things that cannot be explained with words. We must have been 16 or 17 when we met and although we have faced valleys, we have definitely come out on top. So today, Thank you for all those flames fanned and dreams nurtured. I am who I am because you joined with others to mould me into who I am. The Good, the Sunshine and the Giggles all rolled into one.

And that, my friends, is intimacy!

XOXO – From: A-Girl-About-Town



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