Living In The Shadow Of the Wait

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One of my favorite Bible characters is Joshua. I imagine that he waited in anticipation – I imagine that he was happy to be in the shadow of Moses – until Moses died. Maybe at some point he would have been anxious because he had been in the shadow too long. Maybe when it happened he was anxious because either he would move up or move out as a new boss was chosen. A new chief. A new strategist. A new commander But he waited either way. Why do you think God told him three times in nine verses to be strong and courageous?

Sometimes the wait is fine because the worst that could happen is that it doesn’t happen. Sometimes the biggest fear comes when it actually begins to happen. The biggest fear is not the fear that it will not happen. The biggest fear is that it will happen and you won’t be able to handle it.

So you wait patiently. You are overlooked and passed over time and time and time again. And you actually begin to embrace that place of rejection. The process stops being painful and starts being comforting. There is no unknown because at least you know day in and day out what to expect. You become good at waiting. You become great at waiting. You become the best number two that could ever have been.

The biggest fear – the worst nightmare – manifests when it is actually happening – and now you’ve been in this place of comfort – of victimization – of self doubt and self deprecation – for so long that  you actually began to believe those voices. They become soothing. They’re not shouting you down. They’re loving you through the acceptance stage. And so when finally the king calls for you Joseph, the Lord appoints you Joshua, the prophet anoints you David – that is when you miss the voices and their alternative truths.

Let’s talk about Jonathan – My other Bible Crush. What do you think kept him so strong? I truly believe it was the sense of purpose and the assurance that as long as his father was alive, he had a role defending David and fulfilling their blood oath. Why do you think Jonathan had to die? If you look at the life of his son Mephibosheth who David rescued from exile and restored to the palace, you will see that sitting in the shadow of the king only lasted until he got a chance to overthrow the king. If you look at the life of Saul his father, you will see that sitting in the shadow of David (even before he was a king) only lasted as long as the harp played and silenced the voices. And so if you look at Jonathan’s genealogy, his past bloodline and his future generation, you will see that Jonathan could not survive – and if he had, their friendship would not have.

So today I speak to you who is finally walking through that open door – expectant but fearful. You know you’ve been anointed but you’ve waited in the shadow of someone or something else for so long that you no longer understand what the call was. You no longer believe that you were called. You no longer see the greatness or feel the passion to fulfill that assignment.

Today I speak to you and say arise. Your giants have been slain. Your yesterday covenants have been nullified and the shadow of the king that was has been removed. It is time to move forward. Joshua Chapter 1 verse 5 says that No-one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As i was with Moses, so i will be with you. I will never leave you nor forsake you.” That is God’s promise to you today. So arise.

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