New Beginnings

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I have been in a season of silence. I realized a few months back that sometimes the battle is going to be so steep and intetnse and the only thing you can do is go into stealth mode and stay hidden in the cleft of the rock.

I just got back from an amazing journey into a remote part of Nigeria. While it is not the country of my birth, I have had a long-standing love affair with this land filled with milk and honey, fire and pepper. I love the culture, the colour, the people and the music. I used to be addicted to Nollywood (don’t judge me – we all have our guilty pleasures) but I have since gotten over that. The one thing I have never managed to do is acquire a taste for the cuisine but then again, nothing is perfect.

Since 2010 I have been visiting that land and every time I go there God uses that pilgrimage to set me aside and apart more and to set me up for the next level and the next dimension and the next season. That country with its 170 million people and 400 plus tribes, temperatures so hot they bring up the temperaments of the people, that land that I cannot understand and have stopped trying to justify, that land has become a midwife to a new season for me and my destiny.

So going in this time, I realized that if I was to come out unscathed, I needed to go under and just stay hidden in God.

My silence may not be understood, supported, cheered or appreciated but I know now more than ever that for God to birth a king, he will sometimes have to send you into a strange land to find your Elizabeth. Beloved, when you find that person who makes the baby in your womb leap, it is time to stay hidden until God reveals you Himself. Let it be by choice and not by force that you incubate that baby and wait for the time of birthing to come to pass.

And so, my beloved beautiful petals, I was silent but not quiet and most definitely not gone. I pray for this vision and I pray for your destiny. I have been working on something amazing for all those beautiful petals out there. Watch this space – something good is coming your way real soon … And so the birthing begins!

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