Of Badges of Honour, Wounds and Scars

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Jesus-wipes-tearsSo she bears her scars like badges. Brandishing them loud and proud, Waving them like a victory flag. The wounds have healed – at least the physical ones. But who knew that emotional wounds cut deeper and gashed wider than physical ones? The breaking was bad enough.

Who knew that when he called her fat and laughed at her weight issues, that she would for years cover up, not knowing that her curves make her beautiful?

Who knew that when he avoided her calls and cussed her out for being concerned, accusing her of spying on him, that she would for decades cower at the thought of being concerned.

Who knew that when he controlled her movements, her friendships, her bank accounts, her phone calls and eventually her body with slaps and punches, that she would for eons believe that love was supposed to hurt.

Who knew that when she went through the pain of broken bones and festering wounds, that it would hurt longer and deeper when strangers wouldn’t stop staring and when children wouldn’t stop pointing.

My dearest Beautiful Petal, you have cried for too long. You have shed too many tears. You have born too many bruises and breakages. You have suffered enough. If ever you wondered what it was all for, know this: Your pain was for the healing of another. Your tears were for the joy of another. You wounds were for the scars of another. Your screams were to silence another’s.

Every time he raised his hand, you bore the brunt for the next generation. [“Forgiveness is not an idea that alleviates the perpetrator of his responsibility. It is not about the perpetrator. It’s about liberating the victim!” Bishop T.D Jakes Ministries]

Today I urge you to let go of past hurts, let go of past wounds, let go of the past – not for them, but for you. And walk into your future.

Today she smiles and not just from her lips but deep within her eyes. He makes her glad with how he loves her. He loves her with the perfect love – a love that can only be learned from God. He loves her deeply, unconditionally. Because He is the image and likeness of the Father.

Whether you are loved, or waiting to be loved, loving or hoping to love, know this – You Are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

You are @BeautifulPetal_

May the #Malkia in you Arise as you strive to be #PrettyPurposeful




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