Of Birthing and Giving Life

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3546078253_9f2e418207I recently witnessed the miracle of life.

Literally – watched the transition from one form to another.

And before I knew it, there was before me the most angelic and beautiful creation you ever did see.

Here’s the thing about transitions and birthing:

  1. When you’re carrying this baby, you get to a point where you’re tired and you’re ready
  2. But until the baby is ready, regardless or perceived and expected timelines, nothing you say or do can move things along
  3. And when the baby is ready to come, nothing you say or do can stop this tiny bundle of power from breaking forth
  4. But you’ve got to have the right people in your corner.
  5. Sometimes they’ll have to stop others from coming in because you’ve got to protect this baby
  6. Sometimes they’ll take turns saying and doing what needs to be said and done
  7. Most times they’ll stand on the sidelines and cheer you on because no matter how much they want to help, only the carrier can do the birthing
  8. There will be experts and there will be experienced ones and there will be expectant ones and there will be hopeful ones
  9. And when the time comes it will be uncomfortable and it will be painful and you will lose something and you will gain something
  10. And when the birthing is done, all else will be forgotten because all that will be left will be the beauty of holding this dream in your arms and falling in love from the outside in with something you had loved for so long from the inside out.

That’s the thing with birthing – and that’s the thing with dreaming.

You really have to be fearless.

You cannot let anyone talk you out of it.

You cannot let anyone dictate the terms.

You cannot let anyone impose a name.

Today as you sleep I pray that every dream will be revived and that you shall bring it forth in the right place, at the right time.

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