Of Birthing Dreams and Shining Bright

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I heard the most amazing thing this past Sunday at church. Sometimes, the baby inside you, the dream, the vision, delays. It doesn’t want to come out. Time is long past but nothing is moving. That is a critical time for both mother and baby: Both Dreamer and Dream: The Baby could die, the baby could kill the mother. Sometimes what you are carrying is so heavy, so significantly linked to your life line, so intricately tangled in your NDA that if it stayed too long, it could kill you.

Then there will be times when the baby has come out, been nurtured and fed, and is at the point of growing. Sometimes, as you feed your baby, it grows, and as it grows, so will our pain.

We have entered into the ninth month. The month of birthing. The month of holding the baby. The month of tirelessness. The month to push things forth. Today, I don’t know who I am speaking to. But I feel like encouraging someone and saying the “Hanging On” default setting must change and you must begin to walk into the offensive mode. Greatness doesn’t just happen by accident. Greatness isn’t stumbled upon, and Greatness is a strategic plan carefully executed.

So today, dust yourself off, put on some high heels and a pretty dress, go out there and shine your brightest.

You were created to shine!

You are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

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