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I simply cannot believe that we’re only a few weeks away from Christmas.

I love Christmas. Correction: I. LOVE. CHRISTMAS.

I love everything about this beautiful season and for me, because it follows right after my birthday season (yes, that’s how long I celebrate and yes, I’m STILL celebrating as we speak), it just makes it all the more special.

It gives me room to reflect. This birthday season everywhere I turned there were butterflies. I mean literally everything from birthday cards to thank you cards to paintings in the office to street art on a wall to people’s references to a look or an outfit that I was wearing.

So this is the thing though – as you begin to unfold in your purpose, a lot of people will be attracted to your gift and to where they see it coming in handy for THEM.

Not everyone will be excited for where you are going – just because you’re going there. Some people will be outright unhappy about it and show you and tell you – those are the easier ones to deal with. Then there are those who will want to be happy for you but they truly do not have the capacity to do so simply because they are incapable of seeing what you see hence they move on in a different direction, sometimes turning from time to time to wave and offer an unintentional “you go girl”, still not understanding. Those are the easier ones to ignore. The most dangerous type of person to your vision is the type who will go out of their way to pretend to be happy for you, all the while waiting to see where this road will lead, knowing in their heart of hearts that your end result is to their end delight. They want to see what’s in it for them and how soon they can CASH IN.

I listened to a sermon by Bishop T D Jakes recently that blew my mind. He said that most people make a withdrawal when you don’t see the benefit. In this journey of your destiny, those are the most expensive people in your life because along the way you will have made deposits in them so when they make a withdrawal, it will be painful as well as expensive.

So while the #31daysofwoohoo officially ended on the 31st of October, I never finished my posts. So today I say to you: Open the eyes of your understanding to know who is for you and who is with you. Not everyone who says “You Go Girl” means it – some don’t mean it at all while others mean that you should LITERALLY Go to Hell and that your dream should die.

Identify your people and roll with them. Let go of the rest and move forward with the best.

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