Of Purpose and Alone-Ness

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So this one I didn’t intend to post – I hadn’t thought about it. But this evening I am reminded that it is probably the most dangerous of them all. You see, we as human beings are social beings, And of all the social beings, we as females are social creatures. Now don’t get me wrong. I necessarily want five million people around me – I may just want five – but the fact remains that when we have people around us – the right people – we tend to thrive. The danger with that is that we sometimes get caught up in the accolades of men so much so that we forget the approval of God.

When it comes to my dream, I have learned to decipher between destiny helpers, cheerleaders and plain old onlookers. I can remain untouched and unmoved by onlookers. Their curiosity soon wears of and they move on. It is dangerous for me to get hooked on the attention of cheerleaders. They are only here for the duration of the game to either give entertainment during down times or derive entertainment and pleasure during the main game. But I simply cannot do without destiny helpers. God has given them a word, a grace, and a passion for the dream. Still, when all is said and done, God gives a quest to a [wo]man not to a tribe. The problem is that often we want the attention of onlookers, the wisdom of cheerleaders, or the strength of destiny helpers.

Today Is going to be a short one:

  • Understand who it is that has been placed in your life
  • Assign positions and tasks according to where the people fall.
  • Be ready to release them when the season is over

Often times you will have to go it alone. Often times you will have to carry it alone. Often times it will feel like you are completely alone along this journey. Remember in the dark what God told you in the day. When things get thick and you want to give up, remember what God told you at the beginning. It will give you the strength to move forward even when you cannot see beyond the end of your nose. That’s just the nature of the God I serve. Besides, He has already promised that He will never leave you nor forsake you. So keep going!

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