Of Purpose and Failing

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So here’s day 2 and we need to talk about something that most people try to hide. FAILURE. I’m not talking about the cute kind either. I’m talking about falling flat on your face in front of the world and landing with your legs over your head and your under garments waving hello to the world. I’m talking about quitting your job to start a company and then two years later leaving that company to be employed by someone else. I’m talking about getting into a relationship that was horrible to begin with and staying in it despite the signs because you’ve invested so much already and don’t know how to walk away – only for him to walk away from you and be married to someone else two months later. I’m talking about announcing to the world in a big way that your new book will be coming out only to have it still sitting on a shelf 12 years later, still unpublished and still wondering what went wrong. I’m talking about making the biggest mistake of your life in the biggest area of your life in the biggest way possible in front of the biggest audience … … … BUT GETTING BACK UP AGAIN TOMORROW AND DOING IT AGAIN.

The Bible says that a righteous man falls seven times BUT he gets back up again, the beauty is not in the failing. The beauty is in getting back up again and doing it again tomorrow but this time, doing it better, wiser, smarter based on your learnings from your failure.

The beauty is not in the failing. The beauty is in having a safe place to run to when you do fail and know that you will not be judged and admonished but if need be you will be rebuked and the record set straight and then hugged and sent on your merry way to do it again – just this time do it right.

The beauty is not in the failing. The beauty is in being able to look yourself in the mirror and know that you did everything humanly possible within your powers to succeed.

The beauty is not in the failing. The failing creates the beauty.

Along life’s journey I have had some epic fails – i mean EPIC. The Beauty is not in the failing. The beauty is in telling my story of failure so that tomorrow’s generation will know how not to fail – even while they figure out how to succeed.

Does it hurt? Yes. Does it cost? Yes. Does it scare you? Yes. But, IS IT WORTH IT? YES.

Today I dare you to sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil. Write all your epic fails. Understand why they failed. Then erase everything and burn the paper. That’s how fast failures are forgotten in this world. The moment another story comes along, you’re no longer a hot item anymore. So as much as people have talked about it, God has forgiven you – so forgive yourself and move on!

And as Michael Jordan put it: “To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail.”

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