Of Sleepless Nights and Dreams & Visions

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These past few weeks have been such a roller coaster of events and emotions. Last Saturday, the dream that was birthed not too long ago took a physical persona in the form of our Beauty of Arts event here in Nairobi. A bunch of amazing ladies got together and raised money towards buying sanitary pads for women in refugee camps. For those who don’t know, a dream was birthed a few months ago and the name of that dream is #Pads4Petals. I have a passion for the woman and all things women and God has recently began shaping the passion, marrying it with vision and birthing provision. I’ll tell you more about it:

  • A refugee is an individual who resides in a country that is not their own,  having suffered fear of persecution on account of race, nationality, religion, political affiliation, or even  simply fleeing a war.
  • The plight of female refugees is twice as real as that of men
  • Women in refugee camps find ways to manage their menstrual and hygiene needs, as sanitary towels are a rarity
  • They sometimes use cloth that they hold in place using waist bands. When these are not available for them, they find other clothes that may be picked up in the trash and use them. These materials may be utilized for about 6 months regardless of their utter ineffective nature.
  • Sometimes they use leaves and a lot of times they are relegated to sitting in a corner for the duration of their period and letting it leak into the ground.

I am passionate about this – I am saddened by this – I am angered by this.

My passion is awakened, ravaging me from the inside out, causing me to have sleepless nights.

My hunger to right the injustices is alive and well, roaring like a lion on the inside of me, disturbing me and burning through me.

I am a voice of change – and daily, God continues to provide and supply and open doors.

For all the people who sent prayers, words of encouragement, or sent a contribution, I say Asante Sana.

To any corporate that partnered with us in cash, in kind or in any other type of contribution, I say Muchos Gracias.

To any lady to came all Fascinated, Feathered or Flowered, I say Merci Beaucoup.

To each and every member of my team who carried me and continues to carry this vision with me with so much zeal and laughter and joy and passion and fun, I say Obrigaga.

To my family, angels, my prayer partners, my peeps, I say Eh-sheh-wuh

We will be sending out information in the next few days on:

a) Pads4Petals – How you can partner with us

b) Malkia Mentorship Network – How you can sign up

c) Our next meet up [5th September 2015] – The Venue, the Theme, the Dresscode, the Program, the Objective

For anyone who wants to contact us directly, please send us an email on pads4petals@beautifulpetals.com

Mostly, a big Thank You, Shukran, Asante, Merci, Gracias, Obrigado, Eh-sheh-wuh to my Father in Heaven for the grace, the vision, trusting me with the vision, confirming it, and loving me enough to walk me through it.

I once heard something that has stayed with me for a long time: Provision is always guaranteed at your place of assignment. Well, I can confirm that this is my place of assignment because provision is flowing. Thank you Father.

I am Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary




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