Peace, Be Still

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I am discovering what it means to be at peace in the midst of a storm. I am discovering what it means to be still in the face of noise. I am discovering what it means to recognize that still, small voice despite the clapping thunder and the roaring fire.
A lot of times we sail through life taking the hardest paths and the most worn routes. It is not because they are tried and tested, for who can really say what one person’s journey along the same road led to and how another person’s journey along the very same road will end. You see, human beings are creatures of habit. And that five-letter-word dictates the way most of us live our lives. We have taken habit as a part of the family. Embraced habit and made it our own. Given habit character and identity, so much so that we ourselves fade to the background and habit takes over. We have then allowed habit to meet, date, court and marry a four-letter-word that spells doom for most of us: FEAR. So habit and fear have settled down in our lives and built colonies that became kingdoms that became dynasties that are very hard to get rid of. HABIT and FEAR now dictate how we do what we do, when we do and why we do it. Habit and fear are judge and jury over our lives. Habit – it’s always been done like this has serenaded fear and given her his last name and together their love cannot be torn from the bosom of our lives. Habit and fear mean that peace and joy have left the building and worry, anxiety and chaos tend to reign whenever things don’t go a certain way. When Habit checks out, fear grows and terrorizes the countryside of our mind, roaming wild and free until such a time as her beloved habit kicks back in, and then she submits into a demure little home maker waiting to threaten you out of house and home the next time Habit takes a trip out of town.
Looking around at nature, I have learned that Jehovah is a God of order. That does not necessarily mean habit, it just means He is a God who does things in a certain order in so that other things may happen in sequentially. Order in heaven and order in nature and order in the ecosystems has been replaced by habit. Yahweh is also a God of reverence. We are to worship Him in spirit and in truth and have a healthy reverence for the sacred things. Sadly, when I look around nowadays I rarely see that reverence. It has instead been replaced with an unhealthy fear of judgment, hellfire and brimstone. What we forget is that while God is a Judge, He is still a just God and will not rule unfairly against one person or indeed an entire planet.
So lately I am learning the different faces of God and today in particular I am grateful for the merciful and just God, and the God who through order and purpose created the universe in her endless beauty. That He did with a spoken word. But when it came to me, He took the time to form me in His own image and likeness. Gave me free will, the ability to chose and infinite wisdom and beauty.
Today I salute the God of all creation for all His creations, most of all me, and I praise Him all the more for peace that surpasses human understanding and joy everlasting.
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