Practically Impassioned

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Passion does not ask for permission. Passion does not wait to be allowed. Passion runs over you like a train over tracks. It takes control of the environment and changes the atmosphere. But passion outside of the practical is purely a hobby. The best days of your life are ahead of you if only you will allow your passion to grow and flourish. But the worst times in your life will destroy you if you do not mind and honor reason in your pursuit for passion. It has often been said that you cannot eat passion. But I know that without passion, it does not matter what else you eat.

Today I met up with some awesome friends. And as though God had whispered my desires into their hearts their words set in motion the chug-a-chug-a-chugging motion of my passion and desires. I now want to run with this new aspect of my passion. Long have I dreamed of it. But I know that I must pace myself. The Bible tells me to write my vision and make it plain so that those who see it may run. The vision is clear in my head and my heart – that is passion. I must take that passion and write it down. I must be the first one to poke holes through it to make it hole-proof. I must have a Research and Development Department which will constantly and consistently look for ways to improve and impact that environment. That is Reason.

Passion will command respect but only when married with reason. Passion will captivate the authority of the environment but only when practical foundations have been set. Passion will drive economies either up or down but always and without question, passion will be the deciding factor. Passion knows not fear and passion is daring, most times willing to risk it all rather than sit cautiously and lose it all.

I put it to you that while you may be busy reasoning out the practicalities of the vision, a Moses will part the Red Sea, a Joshua will bring down the walls of Jericho and a David will slay Goliath. Carefully consider the consequences but after doing so, JUMP! You will fly because you are an eagle and you were created to soar, not peck on the ground with the chickens. Have a Reasonably, Passionately Practically Wonderful destiny! This is your season!!!


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