R.E.S.P.E.C.T … Find Out What It Means To Me!

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So the past 24hours has been absolutely amazing!

I asked God for a specific thing yesterday. I told him I wanted to see speed and favor in every area of my life for the entire year 2014. More specifically I said that every day a new manifestation of that must come to pass. We’re only on day three but on day 1 I experienced unmerited love. On day 2 I experienced unmerited favor and here were are on day 3 and I have seen supernatural speed and expediency like nobody’s business.

Let me put it like this. Between day 1 and 3 of 2013 The Eternal One has showered me with three separate distinct and unique acts of love that in the past I only saw come to pass in the period of 12months. No kidding. When I was a young, newly born again Christian, I realized that God did things with such speed and such un-natural-ness that it could only be that He needed to woo me and show me how awe some He is. Then I moved into the middle years where it became harder to see things come to pass. That’s because the momentum and romance of the early years had died out and I now needed to work on things and not just expect things.

As I learned to do that I began to grow more intimate with Him and He continued to shower me with things both big and small and that was what most of 2013 was about for me. Sometime last year I heard a prophet speak a profound word. He said that there are men who respect and fear God, and then there are men whom God Himself respects. “Which One Are You?” He asked? Since that day I cannot stop asking myself that question. And today I realize that with the right level of intimacy and the right level of sacrifice in this relationship, as with in any other, you earn the respect of your significant other. I have stroven since then to be the type of woman God respects.

I strongly believe that love and respect go hand in hand. However, while you can love someone dearly and not respect their decisions or actions, in an intimate setting, one must respect the one they love or it all falls apart.

So today as I experience His love and His respect, I ask that my Father in Heaven will hearken to the cries and desires of your heart to be and to do unto you what only His love can give and only His respect can achieve.

I pray that as you spend time with Him and win His respect, you will know what it is like for Him to not only shower His love and blessings upon you but also to respect your view, your opinion and your voice and hearken unto you. After all, Abraham was a friend of God and David was the apple of His eye. How much more you who is redeemed by the blood of the lamb?

May 2014 be your year to

a) Discover God if you don’t know Him

b) Draw closer to Him if you haven’t put in effort in the past or even if you just feel dry and thirsty

c) Experience and intimate love affair if you’re yearning for Him

d) Earn His respect as you lay down your life for Him just as Christ did for us

Wherever you are, whoever you are, may He manifest in you in a way that only He can

xoxo: From A-Girl-About-Town




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