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So lately I’ve been working on and learning what it means to be committed 100% to that which you are passionate about; To your life’s blood; To the gift in your heart and the thing that makes your heart skip a beat. I am learning what it means to be 100% committed to my fulfilling my purpose in writing and to committing to this blog.

The past week I have hardly had time to breathe let alone blog. And yet when I don’t do it, I cannot breathe. I feel like the life is sucked out of me and I am suffocating. I was truly created to love words and love sharing words. When I don’t, it’s like I’m not fulfilling an integral part of me. So now I have learned to steal away in the still of the night and use this time selfishly. I guard it jealously because it is when I am writing that I feel closest to the heart of God. Of course I sometimes struggle physically and sometimes I lose my words and need inspiration. It is in those times, when I seek God most earnestly that He divinely inspires and I am able to download straight from heaven.

I can at no time take credit for the words I pen out of the joys, tears, laughter and years that form my life. All Glory goes to my maker, my baker, the lover of my soul. In Him I truly live and breathe and have my being. I must however take credit for what I do with that gift.

I was honored to celebrate a friend’s birthday with her and her family the other day. As I looked around the table, there was decades worth of friendship built block by block and year by year. There was so much laughter my sides still ache and my tear ducts are yet to replenish. I begun to understand what it truly means to have an impact on the lives of the people you touch. Everyone in that room loved the girl of the hour and the girl of the hour loved everyone in that room. She has bloomed into the most beautiful butterfly and for me, our friendship has blossomed over the years. It is not in living your life that you touch others. On the contrary, it is in touching others that you really live a life worth mentioning.

Let me pause for a moment and honor the girl of the moment by sharing who she is to me. The gazelle in my savannah of beautiful relationships and life-long ties, we first met 5 years ago and have grown closer by the day. There is something very special about the way we relate. We can laugh at absolutely anything and share a quirky sense of humor. We have sat for hours analyzing the mysteries and intricacies of life. She has been by my side every time I needed her and I pray that I have been there for her as well. She is graceful and playful. Cheeky and chirpy all in one. I know you are smiling reading this because I know your shy and introverted side doesn’t agree with me. But since it’s my blog, I’ll paint the picture the way I see it. I have come to trust that if I need you, you will be there. I have come to understand that should I need it, you’ll correct me. I have come to enjoy the fact that our tears release us and our laughter builds us. You have spoken word and truth into my life over seasons, you have rebuked in love and teased in giggles and helped me grow leaps and bounds in my faith and beliefs. I honor you for the person you are today and for the gift God put in you and the fact that He put you in my life. Today, may Jehovah shine on you as you continue to shine a light into the lives of others.

Ok, back to the main train of thought for today. Have you stopped to look around at the lives you touch and the impact you have on them? Each one of us has the seed of greatness in us. Each one of us has the power to give or take life both literally and with our words. How we use that power impacts generations to come. An Austrian born German politician changed the course of history and annihilated millions of lives. He was not alone as an entire nation stood behind him and brought Europe and the world to its knees. In the same breath, an Albanian borne nun named Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu but popularly known as Mother Teresa changed the course of history by loving the world and feeling the needs of the poor so deeply that life as we know it will never be the same again. Both exemplified passion. Both were observed by the world. Both wielded immense power. Both used it to the best of their ability and both died having fulfilled that which they were borne and purposed to do.

One of my favorite all-time poems “Our Biggest Fear” by Marianne Williamson speaks to the core of my mood as I look around and wonder What Have I Achieved With My Life both Today and To date. My deepest fear really is that I am powerful beyond measure but may never achieve what I need to or may make a wrong turn and make the mother of all booboos and never get it right. I have come from a place where I knew nothing to a place where God is beginning to show me not only who He is but also who I am in Him and ultimately who he created me to be. It is indeed my light, not my darkness that scares me the most. Today I’m going to take the time to breath deeply, reflect silently and pray fervently that I achieve that which I was created to achieve. My purpose is linked to people so I pray that I touch the right lives, come in contact with the right people and leave the right impression. I desperately want to leave my mark in the world, I want the footprint of my life and the palm print of my soul to be engraved somewhere, but I want to do it for the right reasons. I don’t want to miss my mark. Today I pray that you too will leave your mark and not miss it. That you too will impact lives for generations to come and that you too will achieve your biggest fear by embracing the light in you.

XOXO – From: A Girl-About-Town

I AM the light of the world and the salt of the earth!



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